A deaf and blind dog greets his owner every day when he comes home from work. np

The dog was born in a dog kennel, which is located in Idaho. Improper breeding led to the fact that Opal (the dog’s nickname) was born deaf and with underdeveloped eyes.

Such physical deficiencies arise from the crossing of two harlequin dogs. In the west, this is called “double merle”.

The owners of the kennel immediately gave the puppy to the city shelter, where they wanted to euthanize him.


But the dog was lucky and he was noticed by a society that helps disabled dogs.

Volunteers fed the puppy, and when he reached eight months, they were able to find him a good family.

The Bays love Opal very much and even created a social media page for him. And the other day, a touching and sweet video was published on the page, in which a deaf and blind dog meets his owner returning home.

For a dog, the return of the owner home is the best moment of the day. He already sits down in the yard in advance and waits. After that, it starts to smell well. As the woman says, most likely Opal smells gasoline or the owner himself.


“It is more likely that he smells her husband, because he does not react to other cars,” the woman says.

As soon as the dog hears a familiar smell, he begins to joyfully run around the yard and wag his tail, and when a man approaches the gate, he rushes to her and starts bouncing on his hind legs.

When the owner enters the yard, the opal starts jumping around him on its hind legs, and then it starts joyfully running around the yard and wags its tail all the time. He is so happy at this moment!


“Looks very cute and touching! This is how he meets him every day!” the woman says.

The video got 2 million views in just a few days.


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