A Dog with Twisted Face from Mother’s Attack Finds a Loving Home

The majority of individuals are concerned with other people’s physical looks. When it comes to picking a four-legged pal, some people prioritize his looks above his interior.

We should be like our pets in that they never judge, accept others for who they are, enjoy life regardless of their circumstances, and most importantly, they love us.

Fortunately, not everyone is like that; some individuals assess others based on their hearts and personalities rather than their outward looks.


Amanda Richter and Brad Ames are examples of this type of person. Despite his deformed look, they opted to adopt a dog named Brodie.


The dog, a cross between a German shepherd and a border collie, was attacked by his mother when he was only 13 days old, leaving him half blind and disfiguring his face.

When the couple saw him at the Old MacDonald Kennels shelter in Alberta, Canada, they realized his odd looks were intended for them and adopted him right away.


It was love at first sight; they were so taken with his positive outlook on life that they decided to film his antics on various social media platforms.

Brodie now has his own Instagram account, where he posts footage of his everyday activities.


Users are stunned and enthralled by the dog’s demeanor; several expressed a want to see images of themselves when they were younger, which the pair granted.

They shared a photo of Brodie as a young child with the caption:


Many of you have requested a picture of Brodie as a puppy, so here it is! Thank you to his previous family for reaching out and demonstrating how adorable he was as a newborn!

The dog previously had a family, but they opted to surrender him to the shelter because they couldn’t handle the puppy’s boundless activity.

Brodie’s images and videos grew viral over time, and people continued to comment on how unique he is and how he sets an example for us to follow.


This is how the pair encourages others to adopt and rescue dogs in need, especially those “unusual” ones who deserve and express as much love as anybody.

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