A Dog’s Unexpected Kindness: Orphans Are Rescued and Find Happiness Riding on Her Back.15

Title: “Unlikely Maternal Bond: Dog Adopts Orphaned Opossums in Rio de Janeiro”

Amidst the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an extraordinary tale unfolded, underscoring the deep connection between diverse species and the enduring strength of maternal instincts.

A heart-wrenching tragedy befell a family of baby opossums when their mother fell prey to a dog’s attack. Helpless and still unable to open their eyes, the orphaned joeys faced an uncertain future, yearning for aid.


Stephanie Maldonado, a kind-hearted dog trainer, stumbled upon the tiny orphans and could not look away from their plight. Against all odds, she made a resolute decision to become their surrogate mother, committed to offering them a chance at life.

However, Stephanie was not alone in this endeavor. Her devoted and affectionate dog, Pretinha, grasped the need for care and protection. In a remarkable display of compassion and understanding, Pretinha embraced the baby opossums as her own.

Pretinha began nurturing the delicate joeys, providing them with the warmth and solace they desperately required. As days turned into weeks, the joeys gained strength and discovered a new, furry mother in Pretinha. They not only clung to her for sustenance and comfort but also embarked on endearing piggy-back rides atop her back.

Deeply moved by the extraordinary bond between her dog and the opossums, Stephanie Maldonado shared their tale on social media. She marveled at the affection and care that Pretinha showered upon her adopted joeys, tirelessly licking and cuddling them.


Although their journey had just commenced, Stephanie’s ultimate goal was to equip the opossums for life in the wild when they grew older and more self-reliant. Thanks to Stephanie’s unwavering love and devotion and Pretinha’s heartwarming compassion, these orphaned opossums were granted a second chance at life and a family that transcended species boundaries.

This heart-touching narrative serves as a poignant reminder that love and maternal instincts are boundless and that even in the most unexpected places, miracles of compassion and care can unfold.

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