A frightened and dirty puppy sat in the heat between the pipes, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get out. np

Once the driver and his passengers in the car were driving along the road and saw huge pipes. It was terribly hot outside. The earth was very dry and very hot. In places one could notice withered grass that grew with the last of its strength. And then, between these large pipes, the driver and his passengers noticed a dog.


However, noticing people, the puppy immediately hid. It was evident that he was afraid of strangers.

And people did not want to leave him, but intended to help. When they got closer, they found an iron chain stretched between the pipes. One end of the chain was stuck, and the main part was wrapped around the puppy’s neck. Then everything became clear. The dog is stuck. This chain just didn’t let him get away. He just got stuck in those pipes.

People were glad that they were able to find the pet in time. Otherwise, things could have turned out very badly for him. And now they could help him!


People pulled the chain out of the pipe and pulled the dog towards them to pick it up. However, he did not want to leave. The animal was very scared. He was afraid of people and did not want to go out to them.

After the rescuers took out gloves and began to act differently in order to get the baby. they soon succeeded.

In the light, the company saw that the puppy was very dirty, the color of his coat was not even clear. It looked like one solid piece of rust. Well, okay! The important thing is that they managed to save the dog! But bringing it into proper form will not be difficult.


The puppy was very lucky that people noticed him and decided to help. You can call it a miracle! Someone must be helping him.

Now it remains to find good owners for the pet.


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