A Hawk Is Confused About Why The “Duckling” Isn’t Terrified Of Him.tt

The hawk is a predatory bird known for its magnificent wings and ability to hunt the many species it encounters throughout its journey. They are among the world’s fastest creatures, swooping down to 360 kilometers per hour once they find a target.

There is, however, a strange “duckling” who does not appear to be bothered by the presence of one of these birds.


Garybob, a YouTube user, was in a garden when he noticed a hawk speeding down to approach the property.

He wasn’t sure what had piqued the bird’s interest at first, but as he came closer, he realized he needed to get his phone and document the strange event.

The hawk had noticed a duckling sitting quietly in the center of the grass from above and determined it was the ideal target.

What the hawk didn’t realize was that it was only an ornamental duckling.


When the hawk approached its “target,” it was unsure how to react when it noticed that the duckling did not budge and showed no fear in its vicinity.

The miserable hawk examined the decoration duck from every aspect and in every direction, looking for an explanation. The hawk refused to give up because the ornamental duckling was so persuasive.

“This demonstrates that the ornamental figure was meticulously crafted. “Falcons have a very developed sense of sight,” a netizen said.

He even caressed the duckling with one of his paws and was left with an amusing face of surprise when he realized he had elicited no response.

“It appears certain that they are making a joke,” one person on social media said.

The situation persisted for a few minutes, but Garybob did not divulge if the smart bird ultimately realized the duckling was not genuine.

“It also took me longer than usual to realize that the duckling was only for show,” a commenter on social media said.


The video became popular almost immediately after its release, with almost 2 million views on YouTube. Starlings, blackbirds, seagulls, pigeons, bats, and ducklings are common prey for hawks. It’s doubtful that any of them will get away after they’ve caught their victim.


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