A homeless and unfortunate dog looked into the eyes of people and gave a paw, hoping for help. np

One girl who is called Zoomama told us this story. She managed to help a lot of street dogs, but there are still many of them wandering the streets of the city.

Once Zoomama was informed by phone that near the g as station, which is located outside the city, there is a dog that does not stand on one paw and, in general, looks sick and unhappy.


The girl sent her volunteers there. As soon as the dog saw people, it immediately went out, limping, to the meeting. It was clear that the animal hoped to be helped. The dog was immediately taken to the veterinarian, who at first suggested that the pet had an oncological disease concentrated in the paw.

Nastya and Yulia managed to place Druzhochka, as they called him, in a shelter. There he was settled in an open-air cage on the street. The girls began to treat the dog. They regularly took him to the veterinary clinic for procedures, they themselves treated the sore paw, on which they put on a golf jacket, so that the infection would not get. Volunteers also brought warm blankets for the pet, as it was cold outside.


The dog became very attached to the girls and was looking forward to when they would come. Each time, he himself gave a paw to be treated, despite the pain, which caused tears in the pet.

When the tests were ready, it became known that Druzhochka had no cancer. The girls and Zoomama were very happy. However, the dog will still have surgery and not one. It is not cheap, so animal rescuers will have to look for funds.

After all the procedures were done, the doctor said that the dog should live at home, and not in an aviary. Julia and Nastya settled a pet in their summer kitchen. But after the operation, this kind dog has nowhere to go, and he can’t definitely return to the street, so the girls are gradually looking for an owner.



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