A touching story: an elephant dug unsuccessfully for 11 hours, trying to get her baby elephant out of the mud.tt

 A touching story: an elephant dug unsuccessfully for 11 hours, trying to get her baby elephant out of the mud

In 2015, a touching story happened in India. A herd of elephants moved through the area of Chatra, near the town of Ranchi. It did not surprise the locals, as they often see such animals. About six dozen wild animals crossed the area, but one elephant girl fought them all off. And it was strange, because elephants live in herds, raise cubs together and always stay in a group.


Not only was the elephant alone, but she acted strangely. She was diligently digging the ground with her trunk. At first no one was surprised, because digging is a common activity for elephants. But the female had been digging for 11 hours straight, all night long. She was in no danger of dehydration, for her skin is thick and retains moisture. But hunger clearly tormented the animal, which needs to consume about 150 kilograms of food per day. But the elephant had forgotten all about food. She was exhausted, although there was no stopping.

The spectacle gathered a whole crowd of gawkers. Everyone noticed the trouble, but no one dared to interfere. First, elephants, defending themselves and feeling danger, can be aggressive. Secondly, even attempts to attract the attention of a wild animal with dainties were unsuccessful.


One of the men named Jitendra Tiwari was the bravest. He approached the elephant and saw what the animal was trying to dig up. The target turned out to be a baby elephant. He accidentally fell into an abandoned well and was trapped, unable to get out on his own.

The exhausted elephant collapsed to the ground out of helplessness, but then got up. She noticed a truck filled with bananas nearby and rushed toward it.

At that time, the bystanders headed for the well and decided to carry out the plan they had devised. They didn’t touch the elephant so their mother wouldn’t smell them. People moved the sand away from the edge, because the elephantess was dumping it on the cub with her trunk and only made the situation worse.

When the upper part of the well was free, the food was removed, and the elephant once again rushed to the cub. She wrapped her powerful trunk around it, made a few tugs, and finally managed to pull the baby out of the ditch. It was dirty and very frightened.


Mother and child intertwined their trunks as if embracing each other.

They were overjoyed at the miraculous rescue and reunion. The brave parent and cub set off into the forest to catch up with the herd and continue their journey.


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