Abandoned by his owner due to being born with only two legs, this resilient dog, despite his deformity, now serves as a powerful inspiration, imparting a valuable lesson to the world. np

His owner abandoned him because he was born with only two legs.
On the evening of Christmas Eve in 2002, a small dog in the United States was born with a birth defect. The dog has only three legs, one of which is severely deformed and therefore useless.

This could be what causes the mother dog to abandon her pup and stop nursing her.

When the owner saw the condition of his puppy, which was born with a deformity that caused it to have only two hind legs, he felt bad. He also noticed that the puppy’s health was poor, leading him to believe that the puppy could not be saved, so he abandoned it on the street.
She was fortunate in that a mother and daughter team known as Jude Stringfellow spotted the little dog and took care of it.
The tiny dog eventually regained consciousness, but in a very vulnerable state.
Everyone thought that this poor dog wouldn’t make it through the night.


The young girl’s front legs were severed. photo credit: baijiahao
As a result, many people advised Jude Stringfellow to inject the poor little dog with a lethal injection.
But Jude’s family chose to take her in and care for her.
Mrs. Jude also named the little dog Faith, which means “faith.”
She hopes that the little dog will assist her in believing in miracles and maintaining her faith.
Faith’s two-legged journey
Faith struggled at first with the skateboard Mrs. Jude had made for her.

Faith had to move for a long time by leaning on the skateboard and putting her back legs forward. Mrs. Jude then used jumping exercises to teach Faith how to stand up straight. Faith’s back legs become stronger as a result, making it easier for her to stand up straight. Faith worked hard for a half year to be able to stand up straight and run anywhere on her back legs. Faith’s favorite place to visit is the park. The dog is happy and carefree here, playing with everyone. Faith ran and jumped effortlessly on her own two feet.

photo credit: bidu

Faith quickly becomes the center of attention due to her ability to walk on two legs. Everyone was moved when they heard Faith’s story and said it was difficult to believe that such a small dog could have such a big spirit.

As a result, everyone adored and admired Faith.

The small dog and his ability to lift people’s spirits
Faith rose to prominence quickly because she was born with a defect but eventually learned to walk on her own. She has appeared on numerous television shows.

Many newspapers have also published articles about this unusual dog.

Faith even has her own book, “With a Little Faith,” which she wrote.

Faith later became a “healing psychologist,” assisting wounded soldiers in dealing with their emotional pain after the war.

At the same time, she is the one who gives critically ill patients in the hospital a reason to live and the determination to fight their illness.

Faith became a therapist to many people. Image from the internet

Miss Jude Stringfellow later decided to quit her job as a teacher and travel the world with Faith.

“Even if you don’t have a perfect body, remember that you can still have a perfect soul,” I want to tell everyone.

Mrs. Jude Stringfellow and Faith enjoyed spending time together. Photo:Internet

We hope that this little dog’s story will inspire us to have more faith, work harder, and never give up on fate.

This is similar to the adage, “When God closes one door, He opens another for us.”

image cut in video

You can win everything if you can persevere through the difficult times.


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