Abandoned in Desperation: A Mother Dog and Her Nine Puppies Left in a Parking Lot, Living a Miserable Existence, Crying Out for Help and a Chance at Happiness. my

Five year old dog mom got a second chance after a miserable and hard life! This brave mother dog’s life has completely changed since she was abandoned by her former owners. It was then that her new stage of life began. Dory is the name of our furry protagonist, along with her 9 puppies, she was abandoned in a church parking lot in Abilene, Texas, USA.

Her case quickly became known to the public, and it didn’t take long for Paw Angel Animal Rescue members from Abilene to get to the spot where the dog and her puppies suffered. Until the end, it is not known how long she had to sit like this in the parking lot, waiting for the unknown. She was completely helpless, because her kids were very small and it was impossible to move away from them! Two volunteers from the organization came to the rescue and gave her first aid.


Misty Berger, one of the rescue volunteers, commented: “I just don’t understand how someone could do this, leaving a mother and two-week-old babies.” She and the kids had almost no chance of surviving if good people had not been found. Angel Urban, who also helped save the dog family, assured that when he first saw Dory, he was amazed at how emotions were conveyed on her face, she was very sad and worried.

She also had significant injuries that required urgent medical attention. The entire dog family was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic, where they underwent the necessary examination. Veterinarians, like real professionals, surrounded the mother and her little children with love, which the previous owners denied them. The puppies needed round-the-clock care, so they were watched in shifts by the staff of the veterinary clinic! Unfortunately, the state of health of one of the puppies, which was named Peach, was critical, with a tumor in her throat and no chance of survival, despite all efforts, she had to be released into another world. The rest of the puppies were also very weak, so they needed constant care, so Misty decided to provide them with a foster family that could provide them with safety and care! The dog has always been very responsive to its guardians. As a fairly large family, Paw Angel Animal Rescue asked for donations to be able to buy supplies for mom and her little ones.


Fortunately, the world is not without good people and many anonymous angels responded to the request and made donations with the greatest hope for saving the puppies and mother. This made it possible to save the kids and they had the opportunity to continue a new stage in the history of their lives, where love rules the world.

“Mom and her puppies were safe now,” Misty said. Little by little, the puppies came out of a critical state, and the brave mother also grew stronger every day. Throughout the recovery process of the babies, the dog proved to be the best dog mother, feeding them, always protecting them and giving sweet kisses, as if encouraging them to fight for life. Dory was always ready to give and receive love.

With small steps and gentle movements of the tail, each puppy revealed its individuality, after a while they were transferred to a rescue center, where they had to live for a while, until finally they found an ideal family. All puppies have been vaccinated and neutered before handing over to guardians.

Today, every puppy enjoys new opportunities next to their families thanks to the love of their guardians and all those who in one way or another participated in saving this family. Meanwhile, Dory spent her days in her new home playing pranks and conquering the world with her little human brother, Jackson.


In the message, her mother wrote, “A year ago, this beautiful girl won my heart. I love you Dory and I’m glad you’re part of our family.” Our hearts flutter with joy knowing that all puppies have found the families they deserve. We wish their every day to be filled with love and interesting adventures.

This story got a happy ending thanks to the coordinated actions of activists and animal lovers. I hope that every day more and more people will continue to make this world a little better, in which animals are loved and respected. Put likes, write comments and subscribe to the channel, together we will make the world a little better!


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