Alabai girl was caught on the street. She was waiting for euthanasia. np

Today, our story is dedicated to a dog with a strict character, who knew how to be gentle and grateful.

City of Simferopol. At one of his public transport stops, a dog of impressive size lay for several days in a row, which frightened many people. Not surprisingly, the service for catching homeless animals received a signal. The dog was caught and taken away.


As time has shown, the dog had a strict character, did not make contact with people and was aggressive towards other animals. Alabai didn’t even know what a leash was. Most likely, her past owners did not cope with the peculiarities of raising such a pet and left her on the street.

The maintenance of alabai requires not small funds, which are simply not in the city budget. Therefore, the decision was made to euthanize the dog. But before that, the employees of the organization posted a post on social networks asking for help in finding a good owner for the Alabai.


Fortunately, one man responded to the request for help. When he came for the dog, she immediately threw herself on his neck, as if she understood everything.

It was impossible to look at this picture without tenderness. There is no doubt that the dog will be faithful and grateful to his owner for his salvation all his life.

Our greatest desire is that all the people of the planet be kind and sympathetic, and always think about the consequences of their decisions. But, this is not destined to come true. There will always be people like the past owners of the Alabai, and people like this man. We are very grateful to you.



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