An emaciated skeleton-like dog was crying out of hunger and despair. np

Tina Solera is engaged in helping homeless animals in the city of Murcia, Spain. Once a man found a very skinny dog ​​whose bones were visible. The animal was crying from hunger and despair.

This caring person called Tina, and she immediately rushed to the specified address. The woman saw with her own eyes what the caller said. The dog turned out to be a Greyhound or Spanish Galgo.

Tina realized when she saw the animal that the owners got rid of it. So do a lot of people in relation to this breed. The fact is that the galgo does not have a particularly good fate. Many Spaniards breed them for seasonal hare hunting, and when it ends, some people simply get rid of the dogs, throwing them out into the street, as they no longer need them.


This breed is used for hunting between the ages of eight months and two years, and after that comes “retirement”, and most often for dogs of this breed, everything ends badly.

Tina, who was born in Britain but moved to Murcia, upon learning of this, decided to open a galgo rescue centre. She makes every effort to ensure that poor pets do not die, therefore she is engaged in their salvation.

On the same day, the woman took the dog, which she later named Matilda. The poor animal was all covered in fleas and ticks. Also, the pet was very scared that she even tried to bite Tina. So she had to wear a muzzle. But the woman understood that the dog behaved this way because a lot of bad things had happened in her life, hence fear and distrust.


“To this day, I have never heard a dog cry. There was a feeling that she was in severe pain, ”said Tina.

I was glad that the examination at the veterinary clinic showed that Matilda was healthy. Despite severe exhaustion, she did not develop any serious illnesses.

Tina diligently did everything to ensure that the dog was restored. Over time, Matilda gained weight and became more cheerful. Soon the woman decided that it was time to look for the owners. The dog was lucky and found a family for her.

Only people were surprised that Matilda is a rather timid and shy dog. But once at their house, the dog became more courageous, but most importantly – happy. Tina was able to teach her to trust people again.


The new owners named the dog Dizi, they take care of her. Now the pet is absolutely happy and no longer cries.

And in Spain, a law must be passed that will protect the rights of the Spanish galgo and punish people for their cruel treatment of people.


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