“Blue dog!”: A little patient surprised the doctors with her strange appearance… np

The veterinary hospital on the Galapagos received many patients who fell into the walls of this institution. Doctors are used to everything, so it is almost impossible to surprise them with something. And yet, someone managed to do it …

When the volunteer came and said that a blue puppy was waiting for them outside, they shrugged. What is this person talking about? What does “blue puppy” mean? Maybe you mean eye color? Or maybe language? And only when the veterinarians saw the pet, they understood everything …


Just played…

A dog that was smeared with blue paint was looking right at them in fright. Her light muzzle acquired an unusual shade, and her little white paws turned blue sharply.

The veterinarians looked in bewilderment at the hostess Taylor (that was the name of the “girl”), and then they were completely indignant. What a stupid joke, and how could a dog be smeared with paint?!

As it turned out, the girl had nothing to do with this. Her young man would not be to blame either! But what happened to the baby?

It turned out that the inquisitive Taylor was just playing with her handbag, which was painted blue! The dye on the bag is easily erased, especially from moisture, so the puppy, who, of course, began to gnaw it, smeared both the body and the muzzle …


medical assistance

However, this was not the most terrible thing: the little patient was brought to the hospital because she was vomiting. She refused to eat, was weak, and this continued for the second day. At first, the owners probably tried to cope with the situation on their own, but then they realized that they could not do without a doctor.

Veterinarians were afraid for the health of the baby no less than the owners of the dog, and therefore began to immediately treat the baby. The dog was selected a drug that helped to cope with the intoxication that arose in the body of the pet after she ate the dye.

Fortunately, the medicine worked, and little Taylor felt much better! The next time she appeared on the threshold of the doctor’s office, it became clear that the puppy had recovered!


The coat of the tailed patient was also cleaned, and now the dog has acquired its original appearance! Just look at her: isn’t she a beauty?

And we are very glad that the baby was saved and we hope that Taylor will not fall into such a story again!


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