Chucha the cat overcame numerous obstacles and underwent multiple surgeries to reunite with her family.!! LN

When I first saw Chucha, it looked like her front paw would have to be amputated,” Anžela Dolmatova, head of the “Animal Protection Group” shelter of the Liepāja Kennel Club, honestly admitted. Thanks to the support of interested people and the expertly performed operations of veterinarian Sarma Korklish, the kitten has now recovered her health and has already returned to her colony with her family.

Chucha after another bandage. As S. Korklish admitted, most likely, Chucha’s recovery was helped by her huge will to live and her good appetite. (Photo: from the archives of the canine society “Animal Protection Group”)


It all started with a call to Angela Dolmatova. A man who regularly cares for and feeds a colony of homeless cats called.

In the morning, as usual, when meeting his family, he had noticed that one of the kittens had a very badly injured front paw. Alive, but lying in a pool of blood. A large piece of skin had been torn off so that you could even see the bones.

The man asked A. Dolmatova if the paw could be saved. She, in turn, immediately contacted the veterinarian Sarma Korklish, who, realizing the seriousness of the situation, undertook to help, saying: “I will try to save.”

S. Korklish:

“The case was really complicated and difficult. The piece of skin torn from the leg and paw was large…”


Since the cat had lived on the street all her life, the amputation of part of the leg would significantly complicate her further existence.

Thanks to the skill of the veterinarian and several operations, the leg was saved and healed. For more than a month, Chucha was under the supervision and care of both S. Korklish and A.

Dolmatova.Veterinarian: “Yes, cats living in the wild are afraid of people, but in fact they are very mobile, curious and often take serious risks without realizing the consequences. Because of this, the resulting injuries tend to be very severe.”

When Chucha started to recover, it was thought that they could try to socialize him and then put him up for adoption.A. Dolmatova: “I quickly realized that it wouldn’t work, because the kitten was born and had lived in the wild all her life so far. She only recognized her feeder and co-worker who called me.

While staying with us, the animal began to show the not-so-sunny side of its character, say, why are you keeping me here, in captivity. I want to go home to my family!”When Chuchu was taken back to her place of life after her full recovery, it looked like she was so happy to meet her own that her face was even smiling.

The man continues to care for and feed this colony of homeless cats, saying a big thank you for being responsive and saving Chucha.




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