Creating an unforgettable wedding moment, an adorable dog ring bearer steals the spotlight as it accidentally loses the ball in the bride’s veil. np

While organizing their wedding, Tanvi Gangadhar and Sumanth Gudaparthi decided to include their treasured 2-year-old golden retriever, Chai. With this in mind, they appointed him as the ring bearer and provided him with a specially tailored tuxedo for the event.

bride and dog

Meet Chai, a new addition to Gangadhar’s family that was adopted during the pandemic. Chai is a cute little puppy who tends to get anxious when surrounded by a lot of people. To make him feel comfortable, Gangadhar always keeps his favorite tennis ball within reach. However, little did he know that this small ball of comfort would end up getting stuck in her veil.


dog in veil

According to Gangadhar, their furry friend Chai was busy playing with his ball throughout their wedding ceremony. They had to pause for a while during the vows because Chai dropped the ball down the stairs. However, when the officiant declared them husband and wife, everyone cheered, and Chai became thrilled and anxious. He then sought refuge under Gangadhar’s veil and accidentally dropped the ball, resulting in a cute and charming scene.

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There was definitely no animosity between the family members. According to Gangadhar, their main concern was that their son was having a good time at their wedding. Even their friends were excited about him and cheered him on when he accidentally dropped the ball. If you want to witness the moment for yourself, feel free to check out the video below.


In the past, Gudaparthi was not sure about getting a dog. However, Chai has become an essential part of their lives now that she and her husband cannot imagine living without him. It seems like Chai was destined to be adopted by a South Indian family because he loves curd rice, dosa, and idli, which are all dog-friendly foods. Gangadhar believes that Chai is a perfect match for their family.

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Gudaparthi and Gangadhar are determined to provide Chai with the best possible life, and in return, Chai showers them with love. Gangadhar shared that they have worked hard to ensure that Chai is well taken care of, even going as far as moving into a larger home with a spacious backyard for him to play in.


dog and coffee

Chai can rest easy knowing that he is surrounded by a loving family who supports him through thick and thin. Furthermore, if Chai ever happens to participate in another wedding celebration, he will be well-prepared for the occasion.


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