Defying fate: The tenacious two-legged dog moves gracefully on its forelimbs.15

Meet Putol, an endearing little dog who has defied the odds and learned to walk and run on her two front legs. Abandoned and left to her own devices, this six-year-old canine has shown remarkable resilience and spirit.

Despite being born with only her front legs, Putol’s disability hasn’t hindered her zest for life. In a heartwarming video, you can witness her gracefully running alongside other dogs and exploring the streets of Casiguran, Quezon City, in the Philippines. Her name, “Putol,” which translates to “chopped” in Tagalog, reflects the harsh yet endearing reality she faces.


Putol’s journey to becoming a beloved figure in the neighborhood is thanks to her devoted owner, Danilo Codilego Jr., a local truck driver who took her in when no one else would. Danilo recalls, “We met six years ago when a co-worker brought four puppies to the bakery I was working at. He tried to sell them, but no one wanted Putol, the poor two-legged puppy.”

Despite the initial doubts about Putol’s survival, Danilo decided to care for her out of compassion. He shared, “Putol was all we could think of.”

Putol couldn’t walk for the first two years of her life, but her determination led her to gradually master the art of balancing on her front legs. Today, she acts as a vigilant guard dog, barking at strangers and even displaying jealousy when Danilo pays attention to other dogs. However, she remains a kind and beloved member of the community.


Danilo explained, “She has no problems when I have to travel for work because everyone takes care of her. She is not picky about food and enjoys everything we eat. Unfortunately, due to her condition, she cannot have puppies.” But Putol’s focus is on enjoying life and spreading joy wherever she goes, making her an inspiration to all who meet her.

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