Despite having acid thrown in its face, this cat still maintains its trust in and affection for humans. np

This cat had been fed by some compassionate individuals while it was roaming the streets without a place to call its own. This kind and sociable cat lost an eye in the month of June when some evildoers spilled acid on its face.

The desert-dwelling, abandoned cat from California only desired some food, love, and attention. A compassionate woman found him on her porch after he had been lost and suffering for days. She immediately rushed him to the doctor.


He stumbled upon the village house that was feeding him after days of agonizing wandering. He took him to a vet right away who didn’t know what they were doing, according to Casey Christopher.

The veterinarian gave the cat some medicines, tested it for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which came back positive, and advised that it would be better to put it down.

But the people who saved Tommy wouldn’t allow that to happen, so the woman got in touch with Milo’s Sanctuary, a non-profit rescue group that specializes in looking after cats with special needs, senior cats, cats who are ill, cats who have been mistreated, and cats who need someone to love, care for, and understand them.


The cat was given the name “Sir Thomas Trueheart” by the sanctuary, who came to their aid right away. They took him to the vet, where he received antibiotics, painkillers, and bandages to speed up the healing of the wound for more than a month. In addition, he had skin surgery.

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