Despite the affliction of a malignant disease, the dog maintains a physically altered appearance. Fortunate to have a caring owner, it leads a life filled with optimism and unwavering loyalty. np

Beauty is not just skin deep, and Phoenix, a dog with a heart of gold, proves that. Despite his appearance, Phoenix is a dog who craves love and affection like any other dog.

Phoenix’s story started more than a year ago when he was left to fend for himself as a stray. Whenever he wandered the streets in search of food, he drew attention, but most people were quickly put off when they got a closer look at him. Sadly, many people called him “freakish” or “horrifying.” Fortunately, some people were willing to look past his appearance and help him.


The Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue team in Oklahoma quickly responded to a distress call concerning a dog. The team was undeterred by the dog’s condition and pledged to provide assistance without discrimination, treating the dog with the same care as any other.

Upon encountering Phoenix, the rescue team noticed unmistakable signs indicating that he had previously been a pet. Nevertheless, it was evident that his previous owners had failed to provide him with adequate care, resulting in his neglected state.

According to Carisa Ducharne of Skiatook Paws & Claws, Phoenix was emaciated and had visible rib bones. He was also suffering from severe inflammation, making it impossible for him to close his eyes. The rescue team remains uncertain about the cause of his distinctive appearance. When discovered, Phoenix was sociable and unafraid of human interaction, indicating that his past experiences had not dampened his spirit.

Skiatook Paws & Claws frequently posts updates on Phoenix’s recovery journey towards optimal health. His story has touched the hearts of many on social media, prompting donations towards his increasing medical expenses. Family Animal Medicine has been diligently attending to Phoenix’s needs, narrowing down his condition to a probable autoimmune disease, although the exact type is yet to be determined. Despite this uncertainty, the excellent news is that Phoenix has made significant progress since his initial rescue. Ducharne affirmed that Phoenix’s condition resulted from neglect, which constitutes abuse. The community’s dog lovers have shown their support, with some even offering to adopt Phoenix.


Although the rescue team appreciates the generous individuals expressing interest in adopting Phoenix, they had to clarify that his adoption is not imminent. Instead, the team’s primary focus is on nursing Phoenix back to full health, which may take some time.

In life, we often come across challenges that can make us feel helpless. It’s not just humans who face such adversities, even animals have to go through similar situations. One such instance is the story of a poor dog who was afflicted with a dreadful disease that caused it to have an “ugly” appearance. However, this little furry friend did not let the guilt of its looks get in the way of living an optimistic and loyal life.

Despite its condition, the dog remained cheerful and devoted to its owner. It was loved and pampered by its human friend, who saw beyond the physical appearance and appreciated the dog for its kind heart and loving nature. The owner’s affection and care helped the dog overcome the self-consciousness and embarrassment it felt because of its looks.


This poor dog’s story is a testament to the resilience of animals and their ability to adapt to challenging situations. Despite the disease that plagued it, this dog’s spirit remained unbroken, and it lived a fulfilling life with its loving owner. The dog’s loyalty and positivity are traits that we can all learn from, and its unwavering spirit is an inspiration to us all.


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