Did Messi join Napoli following in the footsteps of Maradona? np

Messi followed Maradona to Napoli?

Maradona was the one who helped Napoli win 2 Scudettos in 1987 and 1990, thereby being venerated as the saint of Naples . His name was given to Napoli’s football field shortly after his death and now it awaits the footprints of another legendary junior: Lionel Messi.

There is too much information about Messi’s future, when he is being boycotted by PSG and the fans of the Paris team because of his attitude. Messi’s destinations are diverse, from Atletico Madrid to rich clubs in the Middle East. However, recently, sites like tuttonapoli.net, 100x100napoli.it have been constantly posting about Messi, which is strange because these are pure Napoli news sites.


It seems that the Neapolitans are looking to use Maradona’s aura to invite Messi, whose contract with PSG expires this summer. Napoli’s money is not too much, but retiring at the legendary Maradona’s cathedral is also an attractive option.

Napoli will enter the Champions League next season with the status of the Italian champion, so it is not a bad ship for Messi to step up in the period of decline. In return, Napoli will be quite big in both Europe and Italy, if they can recruit Messi to join the army.

Месси не поможет "ПСЖ" в матче с "Лионом" .

Former player Roberto Donadoni believes Napoli will be the most suitable place for Messi if he leaves Paris: “Napoli is playing the perfect football for Messi, playing with the ball, not needing too much speed but very technical”.


Kim Min Jae will pay homage to the ancestors with Napoli

Immediately after receiving the Scudetto this season, midfielder Kim Min Jae (pictured) will be honored to pay homage to the whole Napoli team during the tour to Korea in June. In Korea, Kim Min Jae will join coach Luciano Spalletti and his teammates to participate in friendly matches and promote the Napoli brand to Korea and the world. President De Laurentiis made this decision because he highly appreciated the Korean and Asian markets through Tottenham’s success with Son Heung Min.

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