Do dogs really love us? Trainer reveals 10 signs that your dog actually does. Ndl

Our relationships with our pets can be heartwarming. But learning the meaning behind the things your dog does can be complicated. How do you tell what your dog is saying when it doesn’t even speak the same language? Luckily, there are plenty of visual signs that your dog actually loves you. Here are a few.

Signs your dog actually loves you

signs your dog loves you include giving you gifts

Your dog will never write you a letter or come up and hug you as they tell you how much they love you. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing similar things to show affection. Nicole Ellis, a certified dog trainer with Rover, says there are plenty of signs you can look for that prove your dog loves you. Most of them are something you see every day.


One of the most common signs your dog loves you is tail wagging – something dogs do almost all the time. Sure, dogs wag their tails whenever they’re happy. But, if your dog wags its tail when you enter the room, Ellis says you’ve got a companion that wants you to know it loves you. Science says having a dog helps us live longer, so you’ll see a lot of tail wags over the years.

Another easy-to-see sign that your dog loves you is when they signal for affection. Ellis says you can tell that a dog loves you whenever they try to get affection. This can come in the form of signaling for belly rubs, regular pets, or even parking to get your attention. If your dog actively tries to get your attention, that’s a sign that it loves you.

Excited to see you and doggy kisses

dog happy to see owner

Another easy one to pick up on is when your dog gets excited to see you. If you own a dog, chances are you’ve come home from a trip to the grocery store and been greeted by wide eyes and excited dances. If your dog acts like this when you enter a room or seems genuinely excited to see you, Ellis says you’ve got a dog that loves you.


Dog kisses can also be another great sign that your dog loves you. Yes, dog slobber isn’t always a great feeling on your cheek, but if your dog greets you with kisses, you can rest easy knowing that your best friend loves you with all its heart.

Sleeping close to you and being vulnerable

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to find your dog sleeping soundly beside your side of the bed? Sure, it might be a bit inconvenient for those nighttime bathroom trips, but this is another great sign that your dog loves you. Ellis says that sleeping or relaxing near you is a dog’s way of showing they can’t stand to sleep away from you.

Dogs, like people, have to trust someone to be vulnerable with them. One of the primary ways that dogs show their vulnerability and trust in a person is to roll over. If your dog does this, it’s a good sign that it loves you.

Additionally, dogs will often check in on the people they love. Sometimes that means coming up to you during a work call. Other times, it might mean waiting at the bathroom do or to you to come out. These are signs that your dog loves you and wants to ensure you’re okay.


Eye contact and gifts are other great signs your dog loves you

dog getting a treat

Ever had your dog bring you a toy or drop a dirty sock at your foot? Well, one of two things is happening. Either your dog is asking to play or it’s delivering the item as a gift. Either way, both are signs that your dog loves you and wants you to be involved in its life. So, next time your dog drops the ball at your feet, give it a toss. They’ll love you even more for that.

Finally, one of the last easy-to-read signs that your dog loves you is if they make eye contact. Ellis notes that Nervous dogs don’t trust their owners yet will have a hard time making eye contact. But, if you’ve worked with your companion a while, and they trust you, they’ll have no problem meeting your eyes and holding that gaze. And what a loving gaze they can offer, too.


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