Dogs help restore forest fires in Chile . np

Great idea

At the end of 2017, thousands of hectares of forests were burned to the ground in Chile (on New Year’s Eve there is a hot summer). They burned down so that the soil warmed up by half a meter and the temperature destroyed all growing plants, and roots, seeds that could germinate. In such cases, it takes many years for the forest to recover naturally. And then the Chilean government called on the population to help sow the fire with plant seeds, and also attracted the army to this.


A woman named Franziska Torres came up with an ingenious way to spread seeds throughout the former forest with the help of her three Border Collies, 6-year-old Das and her two daughters, Olivia and Summer.


The woman sewed special open bags for them, which she fills with seeds of grass and coniferous plants.

Then she takes a tennis ball and goes with the dogs into the forest. Franziska throws a ball, and the dogs run after him, scattering them on the ground.

The soil is fertilized with ash and after the rain the seeds grow.

In just six months, the forest in the place where Franziska walked with the dogs turned green. And in other places only rare blades of grass break through. Now Franziska specially goes for walks with dogs away from home.



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