Dogs that insist on being cats no matter what. np

Many people consider dogs to be formidable and terrible protectors and guards, and cats as kind and affectionate creatures. But sometimes dogs want to play the role of cats. Of course, this is strange and you don’t often see a dog playing with a ball of yarn, but believe me, sometimes this happens. We have collected for you amazing photos in which dogs decided to pretend to be cats and behave exactly like them.


1. When we adopted a dog, the cats were not very happy about it. But today they are friends!

2. A dog raised by cats is in his blood.

3. He’s just too into hunting.

4. Our dog does not understand why the cat was bought a house, but he did not


5. Everyone knows their place

6. It seems that a cat has moved into it, and the moon has not yet come out

7. They have not been able to share a bed for 3 days!

8. Not only cats love to watch fish, our dog does too

9. Isn’t the door for me?

10. He was just raised by cats, and that’s okay for him.

11. I have only one question, how did he get there, but no one more why?

12. Copies the neighbor’s cat

13. Leopard, look where I got

14. This dog just doesn’t understand what personal boundaries are.


15. And Vaska didn’t lie, it’s also convenient here!

16. And what can only cats do?!

17. The owner pay attention to me!

18. Is he really that comfortable?

19. The most important thing is to find your place in life


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