Dogs that really wanted to be called “Good Boy”. np

People are very fond of being photographed, this has recently become a favorite pastime of everyone. But no less than themselves and their children, people just love taking pictures of their pets.

And some of them are not even against posing or even trying on an interesting image. The heroes of our selection are ready for anything for the sake of their owners. Watch and enjoy!


Disperse everyone, let the captain through

“We are very serious and good boys! When guests come, we just sit quietly!”

The best friend of the bride and groom, of course, will be their favorite dog!

“The owner forgot to tie me up. It’s okay, I’ll take care of myself!”

“Today I will not be a very good boy, the owner decided so”

This is Jax, and he works at the post office, officially. His job is to lick stamps, and he does it!

Today, while boarding my flight, I noticed this good boy, he even has his own seat. I couldn’t take a picture!


“I was promised that if I help around the house and don’t litter too much, they will take me to a park where there are a lot of dogs”

“I was hot and dug myself a hole, but if you need help, I’m ready!”

He really wanted to lie with us on the bed, but we did not allow him. He fell asleep like that

A real helper on the road

Dogs are very talented by nature. (The inscription on the plate: “I can run to the fence in 2.8 seconds. Can you?”)

“I came up with a brilliant business plan for the owner, preparing for an interview.”

“He pissed for joy when the guests arrived and tried to clean up after himself!”

“The owner has made me sick, I’ll sleep!”


“When a good ma-a-a called him…”

You would go! (The inscription on the counter: “Psychiatric care. Doctor inside”)

19. Take pictures, I’m ready

“Mistress, I heard you have a holiday today, I brought you flowers”


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