During a walk, they saw a chicken cage in which an exhausted husky lay … To tears! np

One day, Georgina Miletus and her nephew were riding horses along country roads. Turning onto one of them, they realized that they were a little lost (farms and rural buildings were left far behind) – but, as it turned out, this was the hand of providence!

The road veered once again, turned into a barely noticeable path, and a strange picture opened up to the eyes of people. Behind the log lay an old makeshift cage, the kind usually used to carry or temporarily keep chickens and other small poultry. And inside, behind the bars, in a crooked state lay a dog with transparent blue eyes!

Husky from the forest

“Water!”  Georgina called to her nephew and jumped off her horse. She handed the dog a bottle of water that was handed to her, and the dog drank it in the blink of an eye! In gratitude, the dog wagged its tail with the last of its strength …


The woman literally tore open the cage, allowing the little creature to come out, but the baby, looking like a white fox, could not even do that. She crawled out and got stuck … Then Georgina herself pulled the prisoner out of her detention cell and carefully laid her on the grass.

The situation was such that you can’t look without tears. The dog couldn’t walk! She only crawled on “elbows”, wiped down to the skin. It was like she had been in this cage for many months, unable to straighten up…

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says the dog’s rescuer. Her claws grew and bent so that they dug into the pads of her paws. It was clear that these paws never ran on the ground, the claws did not grind, the dog did not live, but existed in agony … “

The woman’s nephew offered to leave and come back here with the animal transport, but Georgina couldn’t leave the poor fellow. The little girl looked at her with such hope and gratitude, and her tail beat on the grass non-stop!


The woman put the dog on the back of her horse and set off cautiously. After a while they were at home, and Georgie was able to give the dog first aid. She named her little pet Lucky (Lucky)!

When the hostess bathed the poor girl, she noticed that her body was covered with stab wounds – perhaps from the sharp bars of the cage. Although Lucky was very sick, she licked Georgina’s hands non-stop, showing her love!

A few days later, the baby got a little better.

Local animal rescue group GTS Husky Rescue learned of the incident from social media. Representatives of the group invited Lucky for a free examination, to which Georgina happily agreed.

Veterinarians determined that the dog was between 2 and 3 years old, and for a considerable period of time she survived without regular meals.

Lucky also had an x-ray of all paws. “Most likely, the reason for the deformity of the limbs is the keeping of the animal in a cramped cage, although it is possible that the dog received injuries that were never treated later. There is also a small chance of congenital genetic abnormalities, ”the doctors said.

Since Lucky could not walk more than a few steps without stopping, the veterinarians were immediately puzzled about how to improve her quality of life.

The patient was taken to an orthopedic surgeon, but he did not recommend surgery, as it would be very painful and not necessarily lead to a good result.

But as soon as Lucky’s health allows, 4 prostheses will be made for her, they will teach her how to move and even run!


Now the girl is undergoing rehabilitation treatment at the GTS Husky Ranch, where volunteers deal with such cases. She enjoys her first personal bed in her life, warm communication with people and animals, delicious and plentiful food.

“This dog is one of the sweetest in the world! She wriggles with her whole body, crawls towards people, she is infinitely glad to be saved!” volunteers say.

Well, let’s wish the little husky only the best days! She deserved her little happiness, and may it remain with her for the rest of her life!


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