Everyone passed by and did not notice the sick, emaciated dog on the side of the road. But not this guy. np

Today, it is not uncommon for pets to be abandoned by their owners, throwing them without regret into the streets of the city. Most people pass by indifferently. But there are those among them who cannot leave animals in need of help. Our today’s article talks about just such a case.


On the edge of the road lay an emaciated, frightened dog, on whose body there was no hair. This passer-by could not pass by the unfortunate animal.

And when the man took the dog in his arms, she made a plaintive sound. This street dog has never seen kindness from people. No one ever treated him kindly.

The man nursed the dog for more than one week. He smeared his wounds with a special healing ointment, bathed him and stroked him.


Finally, the dog began to grow hair and it was no longer possible to recognize in him that unfortunate animal that was slowly dying on the street.

The dog, realizing that it would no longer be offended, began to behave much calmer.

The animal gained the weight necessary for its age, began to play and walk around the house.

And when the new owner touched him, he no longer felt fear.

Today it is hard to recognize that half-dead animal in a beautiful and kind dog.


He found a common language with other human pets and feels great.

I would like to say thank you to such caring people. Thank you for being!


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