Everyone shrugged, but he couldn’t let that dog die… np

Today we want to share with you the story of a very strong and cheerful dog named Barilla. One day, volunteers brought her to one of the rescue centers located in Granada (Spain).

The dog was in such a state that it was impossible to look at it without tears and pain in the heart. For the staff of the center, it was even incomprehensible that the poor animal was holding on its paws, but this did not last long and soon the dog fell to the ground, unable to get up anymore.


Barilla was emaciated to such an extent that looking at her, one could count all her bones. It is not surprising that the internal organs of the animal began to fail and the dog’s condition worsened with every second. Some of the employees of the rescue center already refused to believe that Barilla could be helped and simply shrugged. However, the owner of the establishment, Eduardo Rodriguez, did not agree with this opinion at all and did not even allow the thought that it was already impossible to help. He personally took up the rehabilitation of Barilla and firmly decided, by all means, to put the dog on all four paws. And not just to put, but to return it to a full life, absolutely healthy and cheerful.


It took Eduardo Rodriguez almost several months for Barilla to change beyond recognition! And I would like to note that Eduardo is not at all a veterinarian and not a specialist in recovery and rehabilitation. He is just a man with a big and kind heart.

“The dog’s recovery has been overwhelming for me,” says Rodriguez.

One of the veterinarians even repeated several times that any other dog would have died long ago, because at such a stage of exhaustion, and besides, when the organs began to fail in the body, it is almost impossible to return the animal to a full life.

Yes, impossible, but not th is time!


“Her will to live is what actually worked the miracle for us. It is thanks to this desire that we are now inseparable,” says the new friend and owner of the happy and cheerful Barilla.

“When I saw Barilla exhausted, but so eager to live, at the same moment I realized that I would do everything that depended on me, if only this dog survived. That’s exactly what happened.”


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