Exhausted and tired alabai wandered into the office and fell asleep from impotence on the floor. np

In general, street animals try to stay away from people, especially if there was a bad experience with a person. However, there are animals that understand that not all people are bad and some of them will always help.

That is exactly what the 12-year-old Alabai named Nata decided, who no longer had the strength to live on the faces of Athens.

Once the dog ended up in the office of some company, where she collapsed from fatigue and exhaustion to the floor. Thus Nata slept the whole day. The employees did not kick her out, but decided to let her rest. They fed her and left her alone.


However, the working day came to an end and it was necessary to close the office, the employees could not leave the dog. Then one girl called her friend, who was in the organization for the protection of animals. The protector immediately came for the pet.

“After I put Nata in my car, she behaved very calmly and quietly, as if this was not the first time for her.

When we arrived at the vet, she followed me with her head held high into the emergency room. All the time while we were waiting for our turn, Nata’s head lay in my arms. I felt that she trusted me,” said the animal rights activist.


The girl took the Alabai to her temporarily. She realized that the dog did not always live on the street, it used to have a house, but the owners abandoned it.

The girl helped Nate restore her health and was looking for new owners. Sometimes she sang to her, and the dog listened, pressing his head against his savior. It was evident that the pet was in great need of love and care.

A few months later, Nata fully recovered and gained the desired weight. She rested well and regained her strength. It was then that a family was found for her.

One German woman read a story about Nata on the social network and decided to take it for herself. It was hard for the rescuer of the dog to part with Nata, but she needed to help other animals. Thus the dog found a new home in Germany.


Now Nata lives in warmth and care. Despite all the trials that have fallen, the dog remains affectionate and devoted to man. Now she can live out her remaining years in love.


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