Female model Karimova Elina is as beautiful as an angel, making мe𝚗 fall in love. my

Karimova Elina and Sandra Song are immensely popular in Korea due to their exquisite appearance..

Elina Karimova is a Russian-Uzbek model who lives and works in Korea. She moved to Korea at the age of four to learn the language.



According to the standard “strngs” in Kamchi, 9x has a weight of 43k and a height of 1m63.

With her deep eyes, delicate face, and beautiful lips, Elina draws attention. Her Instagram account has over 1 million followers and a green checkmark.

Elina’s style is youthful, lively, and a little seductive.She like feminine long-skirt silhouettes.

Elina dresses in two-piece tops and high-waisted shorts. Her attractiveness helped her gain popularity in Korea.

Sandra Song, Elina’s best friend, is equally extraordinary. They can be found on each other’s Instagram accounts.

Sandra Song, the current model, resides in Korea. She also has 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Her ethereal beauty attracts the polar opposites. Russian woмe𝚗’s classic beauty includes white complexion, a line face, and blue eyes.

Sandra looks young in her T-shirts, shorts, and athletic sneakers. A cake with a fluffy skirt may appear more feminine at times.


Sandrа’s style isn’t boring. Her fashionable boots are also well-liked. Her distinct appearance has made her popular in Korea.


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