Fitness model ‘in trouble’ with military for ‘showing a lot of skin’ in racy snaps. my

Although Alysia Magen now works as a full-time fitness model, she started her career in the US Air Force, where she claimed she was disciplined for sharing racy off-duty snaps

A fitness model claimed she was given a warning by the military after sharing racy pictures of herself on Instagram.

Alysia Magen relied on her figure as a bodybuilder, fitness model, boxer, and now as an OnlyFans model.

Before she began sharing racy snaps online, Alysia left college to start earning money in the US Air Force, where she quickly rose up the ranks.


During her time in the military, Alysia also competed as a bodybuilder as well as building her growing fitness brand, and she revealed her superiors began to take issue with her side-hustle of sharing racy snaps on social media.

“It was tough because I was always bending rules,” she recalled, speaking on the No Jumper podcast. “That’s kind of how I got known because I was a bodybuilder.

“I was big on social media for the military. Nobody in the military had a big following like me.

“You remember when side-by-side pictures were really popular? Like on-duty [next to] off-duty and you’d see a chick in uniform.”

During her time off-duty, Alysia would pose in revealing outfits and compare the saucy pictures with images of her in uniform as she claimed this unusual behaviour put senior officers on alert.


She explained: “I could wear a ʙικιɴι and I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just bodybuilding; I even did it for the airforce.

“But I definitely got in trouble, because obviously I was showing a lot of skin.”

In fact, Alysia revealed her racy modelling even led to the end of her military career after higher-ups drew the line when she used her military uniform to promote her fitness work.

“To get an Article 15, it’s basically just like the military is done with you… They got mad because I did a side-by-side.

“I was selling a waist trainer, and I had one [picture] where I was in uniform, and one next to it in a waist trainer.

“Technically if someone looked at that they could be like, ‘that’s the military promoting that’, [but] who’s that stupid? If I posted the waist trainer and then the picture in the uniform that would be fine, they just couldn’t be next to each other in one post.

So, because of this perceived breach of standards, Alysia explained she was issued with a formal notice, which she suggested resulted in her rank being changed and being taken off some of her duties.


She continued: “Once that happens you can’t do anything wrong… and once the military has its eye on you it’s very easy to f*** up.”

Soon after, Alysia left the air force for good, and she has since ditched bodybuilding to focus on her fitness modelling and OnlyFans career.


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