Former Stray Dog Adopts 8 Tiny Pigs And That’s The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Now. np

When Wes Trevor, the owner of the ‘Spectrum Plants Gold Coast’ in Australia, found out about 8 tiny pigs in poor health, he did not hesitate and took them in. At first, they fed the piglets with special food to get them back on their tiny feet. But then something unexpected happened.

Treasure, a former stray boxer breed dog, noticed the pigs and her motherhood instincts took over. She started caring for the piglets as if they were her own babies. Soon she even started producing milk and the tiny pigs were happy to suckle on the mama dog.


Wes was not sure if that’s healthy for the dog and pigs, but after checking with a vet, he was advised that it’s all great as long as the pigs get additional nutrition and do not hurt the dog.

This beautiful story once again proves that dogs are incredibly caring, amazing creatures

The bond between animals can be a heartwarming sight to behold, and one such example of this is the story of a former stray dog who adopted eight tiny pigs.

The dog, whose name is not known, was found wandering the streets as a stray. He was taken in by a kind-hearted individual who gave him a home and a loving family.

One day, the family brought home eight little piglets that needed a home. The dog immediately took to the piglets, and they to him. He began caring for them as if they were his own, licking them clean, cuddling with them, and even letting them snuggle up against him for warmth.


The bond between the dog and the pigs quickly became apparent, and it was clear that they had formed a family. The sight of the dog cuddled up with the piglets was a heartwarming one, and it quickly gained attention on social media.

The story of the former stray dog and his adopted piglets serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and kindness. It shows that love and affection know no boundaries and that even the most unlikely of friendships can blossom into something beautiful.

In conclusion, the bond between animals can be a powerful thing, as demonstrated by the former stray dog who adopted eight tiny pigs. His heartwarming actions have captured the hearts of many and serve as an inspiration for us all to be kind and compassionate towards one another.

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