German Shepherds are very affectionate and perfect animals – can’t see enough. np

The German Shepherd is considered an unusual and desirable breed. Every year, people increasingly prefer to have these dogs. They are very smart and do not require mandatory training. They are easy enough to explain. They are often taken to the security service or the police. Also, they will be excellent shepherds, nannies for children and just a reliable friend to man. They are very obedient and reliable, and also, real cuties.


The way they give a paw is reminiscent of a greeting with Cheburashka.

They can make friends with anyone, even a cat.

No other way.

What belongs to them, they will not give to anyone. They learn this when they are little puppies.


They love to carry everything.

The owner’s favorite place is his favorite place.

What suits its owner suits him.

It’s not that hard to sleep on your back.

“I didn’t touch any pig, honestly.”

“Strange, I’ve always sat here?”.

Yes, it is not easy to be a god, but he will definitely overcome all difficulties. I wonder what he’s thinking now?

Mom always said to smile more often.

Eaten master’s shoes turn the pet into a pig. Look at his patch.

The dog never upsets the owner when he is more quick-witted than the latter.


You won’t find a better masker.


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