“Heartwarming Friendship: Blind Great Dane Finds a Best Friend and Guide in a Chihuahua” np

Differences in age, ethnicity, color, or species are no longer significant in love or friendship, and an unexplainable link might arise. A Great Dane and a little Chihuahua, for example, formed an unusual relationship after meeting for the first time.

Shirley Zindler, the founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sebastopol, California, adopted Bianca, a little dog, when she was a baby. Her mother had died after childbirth, so she had to eat by hand.

Shelby was adopted by Shirley in 2017 after his previous owners abandoned him due to visual concerns. He had to endure four arduous procedures and use six different types of eye drops on a daily basis.


Shelby first saw Bianca while Shirley was bottle-feeding her, and he used to look at her. As Bianca grew older, the pair began to spend more time together, playing games and spending time together, highlighting their particular relationship.

According to Shirley, who spoke to the Daily Mail,

“We rescued Bianca, who is five and a half weeks old, when her mother died in delivery and the owner called us for assistance. Shelby would simply sit and stare at us both when we first introduced her to her when I started bottle feeding her from infancy.

Shirley went on to say:

“As Bianca grew older, she began to play and engage with Shelby more, and it was incredibly sweet. Shelby is nice and loving, but she also has a wild and fun side, whereas Bianca is a terror!

Despite their physical differences, the tiny girl was never frightened by Shelby, which only served to enhance their bond.

Each one seemed to compliment the other based on their personalities, with Bianca acting as a guide and Shelby as a protective guardian.


Shirley expressed herself as follows:

“They are different in size and personality, but they have become friends: we have a slogan at the rescue center that says, ‘large or tiny, we love them all!’ Their companionship is one-of-a-kind; it’s rare to see dogs of different sizes create such a strong affinity.

Shelby is in good health, despite the fact that she must use eyedrops every day, and she has taken her new duty as Bianca’s caregiver extremely seriously.

Shirley expressed herself as follows:

“It’s critical for pups to grow up with a mother and be exposed to other dogs, but Bianca doesn’t have a mother, and I believe Shelby fell in love with her spontaneously.”

Bianca’s inquisitive attitude has made her the ideal guide for the giant; she keeps him company on his regular treks and visits.

Without a doubt, their lovely companionship has progressed beyond friendship, and they have become inseparable, as Shirley, their carer, is well aware.

The pair has lived in the same house and on the same patio since Bianca arrived, where they spend time wandering and getting to know every nook.

Shirley expressed herself as follows:

“I adore it; it’s always amazing to witness a nice friendship between dogs, and I’m always curious about who befriends whom; they’re just like people!”


Unfortunately, the odd pair will have to separate ways. Bianca will be sent to a permanent residence where she will make new friends and be reunited with her family for the rest of her life.

Shirley expressed herself as follows:

“I think they’ll be alright; they’re like kids at camp who spend the entire summer together but then split up when it’s done.”

Shelby will likely discover another puppy and gotten to be her defensive canine. But he will never disregard Bianca, who arrived at the time they were most required.


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