His dog got sick and the boy sold all his toys to pay for his pet’s treatment. This is friendship! np

Well done! Real man!

The schoolboy Conner has a best friend, this is his dog Copper (Copper). Unfortunately, the dog fell ill, so the boy decided to arrange a sale of his toys to pay for the treatment of the dog.


Connor was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder a few years ago. He had seizures due to anxiety. Then the doctors advised me to get a therapy dog.

It was Cooper, a 4-year-old Doberman, who warned the boy’s mother, Jennifer Jane, about seizures.


Unfortunately, Cooper began to limp. At first they didn’t pay much attention to it, but then the dog stopped moving.

Veterinarians advised laser therapy to improve the dog’s mobility.

As soon as the boy found out that his dog needed treatment, he collected all his favorite toys and held a sale.

He told his mother that a dog is more important than any toy.


The family hopes that the dog will recover soon and their friendship with the boy will become active again.


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