In 1945, the US 19th aircraft squadron disappeared, let’s find the truth together. np

The unusual disappearance of 6 aircraft of the 19th squadron of the US Navy while performing daily training missions has sparked the legend of the Bermuda triangle.

Five Gruman Avenger bombers of the 19th Squadron (commanded by Charles Taylor) took off from Fort Laudedale, Florida on December 5, 1945. The weather that day was quite ideal, Taylor – an experienced instructor also flew with the squadron.

However, after 90 minutes of training, the pilots became disoriented and could not locate landmarks on the ground. Through radio communication, Taylor said his compass was broken, making it impossible for him to distinguish between the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.


Air traffic control tried to guide Taylor back to Fort Laudedale, and his subordinates also suggested that he fly west. However, Taylor continued to lead the squadron to fly aimlessly to the sea. After that, air traffic control lost contact with all 5 planes and no word from them since.

Strangely, the rescue plane also went missing that same night in an attempt to find Taylor’s squadron. Many theories suggest that the plane exploded in mid-air due to disorientation.

The most unusual thing was that for unknown reasons Taylor asked to take a break from training that day, but the squadron command disagreed and asked him to carry out the mission. Why Taylor didn’t want to fly that day is still a mystery.

The US Navy’s 19th Aircraft Squadron is one of the most remarkable events in the history of the US military. On 5 December 1945, this squadron of 14 aircraft sailed for a night training cruise in Florida waters. However, within hours of take-off, all the planes were gone, leaving the entire fleet of 13 pilots and 1 investigator missing.


This event caused great attention throughout the United States. Search and rescue operations have been underway for a week, but no trace of the planes or pilots has been found.

Investigators have conducted multiple investigations to find out the cause of the disappearance. Some theories suggest that the planes crashed into the sea due to bad weather or a technical fault, while others suggest that the planes were hit by one or more unidentified flying objects.

Many believe that the disappearance of the 19th Aircraft Squadron is related to the myth of the “Bermuda Triangle”, an area of the sea in the northeast of the United States with many legends of unidentified flying objects and mysterious disappearance.

To this day, the disappearance of the 19th aircraft squadron remains an unsolved mystery. Despite the efforts of scientists and investigators, there is no concrete evidence to explain this fact. This d isappearance has become one of the most mysterious and interesting disappearances in the history of the world.


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