In a dark alley lay a frightened dog with terrible wounds … And then people appeared. np

Life can be very cruel

Unfortunately, it often happens that a person dooms his pets to suffering. Unfortunate animals are tortured and tortured, beaten and starved. For what? Probably, these non-humans themselves will not be able to answer. Apparently, they just like to beat those who are weaker, those who depend on you. However, despite all human cruelty, there are people who help unfortunate animals.

This sad but happy ending story took place in California, and more specifically in the city of Los Angeles. There is a zoological rescue organization called the Paw of Hope. Its employees work day and night. Therefore, as soon as one late night they received a call that a beaten dog was lying in the city gateway, they immediately went to the indicated address.


On the spot, the head of the Paw of Hope, Eldad Hagar, and two of his subordinates found a frightened and badly either beaten or bitten animal. It was a pit bull terrier dog. This dog, as you know, is not one of the shy ones, so it’s scary to imagine what they did to it to bring it to such a state.

When the pitbull saw people approaching, he tried to run away. But the forces for this were not enough. The animal hid in the tall grass and shook with fear. And only sad eyes watched the actions of people.


The employees of the organization knew how to appease the dog, so soon a ray of hope for help appeared in her eyes. The dog even allowed to put on a collar. And so that he would not frighten him, Hagar hung him over the animal for several minutes. The pit bull sniffed it and “gave permission” to put it on. Soon, the animal, apparently preparing for death, allowed himself to be stroked on the head and transported to a car.

In the veterinary clinic, the unfortunate doctors examined him. Numerous teeth and claw marks from other dogs were found. From these characteristic wounds on the patient’s muzzle, the doctors concluded that this dog was used as bait in dog fights. On such as this dog, seasoned dogs “warm up” before fights with serious opponents.

Dr. Christine Facher performed a very complex eyelid surgery on a dog. This required great precision from her. The veterinarian did a great job. Two weeks later, the pit bull was like new. By the way, it was a girl. The vet called her Cadence.


This animal has experienced real horrors from the very beginning of its life, but now, thanks to the kindness of a few sympathetic hearts, it can live happily and freely.


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