Inspiring Project by an American Photographer: Portraits of Elderly Dogs .b

Nancy Levin, a photographer from New York, has started a grandiose and very touching project. She travels around the country photographing aging dogs.

As the woman says, she was inspired by her own pets. She has two dogs that are approaching old age.


Nancy says that animals surprised her with their attitude towards old age. They are not afraid of the inevitable, like people, but simply go out with joy to meet each new day.

This is Champ, a nine-year-old dog enjoying the cool breeze.


Pensive 22-year-old Sadie looks out the window.

15-year-old Cooper was tired during a walk on a snowy day and lay down to rest.

Two beauties of respectable age – they are 21 and 19 years old.

It looks like 18-year-old Amy is uncomfortable around two cheeky cats.

Meg and Java went for a walk, wrapped in warm blankets.

An aging Rex rests on his bed, where his fur is most noticeably turning yellow.


Tigger is 17 years old and looks quite happy working in the barn.

This cutie is 16 years old and is from Texas.


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