Introducing Salvador Dolly: The enchanting rescued puppy who effortlessly flaunts a remarkable handlebar mustache, captivating everyone’s attention. np

Meet Salvador Dolly: The Charming Rescued Pup Rocking a Remarkable Handlebar Mustache.

A few weeks ago, a Shepherd mix was sent to Dallas Animal Services by Hearts & Bones Rescue. However, the real surprise came when the stray gave birth to 11 adorable puppies. Am ong them, one pup stood out with a unique marking on her face that looked like a handlebar mustache in black color.



The puppy was named Salvador Dolly, taking inspiration from the renowned Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. Known for his famous artworks and iconic mustache, Salvador Dali’s name fit perfectly with the puppy’s unique personality.

As a shelter that constantly receives numerous stray animals, the employees are always on the lookout for suitable homes to place them in as soon as possible. Fortunately, they came across a generous foster family who graciously offered to accommodate the animals for a while until they could find their permanent homes.

By the end of August, Salvador Dolly along with her siblings will be ready for adoption. The pups are currently being closely monitored while they are still in the nursing phase. Their mother is receiving proper care and nourishment to ensure that she has the energy to take care of all her puppies.

Salvador Dolly has received numerous adoption inquiries and queries, but the family will not be moving to New York for a couple of weeks. The puppy caretakers are thrilled for Salvador Dolly’s future, but they also wish that the other ten siblings and their mother would receive the same amount of love and attention as the ‘Mustache Puppy.’


Every single one of them is on the lookout for a place to call their own, and what’s even better is that they bring along countless licks, cuddles, and unwavering love.


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