Two stories when bears lived with people soul to soul all their lives and until the very end. np

Life is full of amazing and incredible stories. A large and weighing more than one centner bear stands in an embrace with his master. The behavior of a predator is similar to the behavior of an accommodating domestic kitten. There are stories when a man and a bear live side by side, all their lives. Today’s article is dedicated to the amazing and incredible.

Our first story is about an American couple, Jim and Susan Kowalczyk, who live in suburban New York.

Unfortunately, the couple is childless. Therefore, the couple decided to establish a shelter to take care of animals that need human help. The shelter has become home to many animals such as squirrels, horses, deer and even bears. Jimbo, that’s the name of the bear, got to Kowalczyk after the zoo, which refused him, because of the animal’s sore paw.


Jimbo could not find a new home for a long time, since he belonged to such a type of bears that grow to a decent size and, accordingly, require increased attention. Jim decided to adopt another small bear at home. And when Jimbo grew up, he repaid his master with great love and true friendship. TV shows were filmed about the relationship between a man and a bear, which were very successful among viewers.

People reacted quite violently to the “veal tenderness” of the bear, weighing at least 700 kilograms, and its owner. They were in awe of such friendship! But with Susan, Jimbo treated a little more restrained.

Everyone’s favorite died in 2018 at the age of 24. In addition to Jimbo, there are 10 more bears in the shelter. The oldest of them are 22 years old – this female named Rose and male Leo. The Kovalchikov Shelter has never served as a zoo. The couple never made money from their animals. The animal shelter exists solely on the personal funds of the family and contributions from philanthropists.


History of Mark and Age

Mark and Age Dumas live in a small town in Canada called Abbotsfil. They contain many animals, among which there are also bears. Their main activity is the training of wards for filming. This story began in the 90s, when the film studio ordered a polar bear cub from Mark. This is exactly what I found in one of the zoos. The polar bear gave birth to a cub and refused to feed it. Therefore, a small animal had to be given to someone. And after the shooting of the film, the trainer took the bear cub to himself. It was his first polar bear.

It turned out to be a female, who was named Agee. Especially for her, they built an aviary suitable for her size. Every Canadian was interested in this extraordinary friendship.

Mark says that he and Agee like to wrestle as a joke and then, tired, lie down together on the grass. According to the man, he can even fall asleep for a while with the she-bear. He is 100 percent sure that she will not harm him. Agee enjoys working with Mark. And when another woman appears on the horizon, the she-bear even becomes jealous.


Today Agee is 25 years old, and this is not the limit. We wish them both long life. For example, the Leningrad Zoo boasts an old-timer. Their bear is already 33 years old. And in Perm, the local she-bear is 38 years old.


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