Life of a Two-Legged Dog. Ndl

Nessie is a sweet Chihuahua who was born without her front legs due to careless breeding.

People can be really cruel and judgmental towards poor animals with special needs. Hearing such tragic stories always breaks our hearts.

Every year, thousands of puppies are abandoned in shelters in the hope of finding a family that will give them a second chance. Unfortunately, this can be a bit more difficult for pets with special needs. Nessie McNubbins is a cute Chihuahua who was born without both of her front legs.


She was a little different from the other dogs, but she had so much love to give and faced each day with so much energy and joy. Because of a genetic disorder, Nessie was missing her anus. This is usually the result of irresponsible breeding practices.

Some people don’t take the necessary steps to care for future puppies and when a “different” one like Nessie is born, they just abandon them. The cute Chihuahua’s first years were difficult because he couldn’t find a family. Nobody wanted to take care of a puppy like her.


Finally, Theresa Locayano, as soon as she saw Nessie’s story on social networks, immediately fell in love with her.

Teresa had no experience with special needs dogs, but something inside her said she was meant to help the little girl. She arrived at the shelter determined to adopt her, and within hours, Nessie and Teresa appeared to be best friends.


“When I saw her I thought she must be very scared to have spent so much time in this shelter. She’d been returned several times, and it was past time for someone to assist her.’

This time, Nessie found her definitive family, one day Theresa contacted the rescuers and left them speechless, she wanted to adopt other puppies like Nessie to give them a life full of love.

After adopting Nessie, Loyacano realized how much she loves helping dogs in need. She adopted a second dog, Frankie Lou, a little more than a year later. Frankie Lou is a more mature dog who was born with the same condition as Nessie. Loyacano adopted Frankie Lou as a puppy, so the family had to watch him grow up and learn to walk on two legs.


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