Meet Hema, The Rescue Pit Bull That Became Mom To 20 Foster Kittens. np

Meet Hema the rescue pit bull who is obsessed with fostering cute kittens. “All she wants to do is lick and snuffle them,” the smart dog’s owner Marissa Clingen told The Dodo. “Who would have thought a stray D.C. pit bull with scars on her face would be a good foster parent to a litter of kittens?”


It all started a few years ago when the cute pit bull landed in the Humane Rescue Alliance Washington, D.C. “She was found as a stray dog but had many, many bite wounds,” the animal shelter’s spokesperson Alix Tolley tells The Dodo.


Considering that the pooch had such a rough start in life, she was still a very loving doggie. Maybe that’s why when Clingen swung by the shelter one day, she immediately fell in love with Hema and took her home as soon as she could.

Clingen volunteers as a kitten foster, but she was still surprised to see Hema get so deep into the role of a mother. “We hope all this attention given to Hema and the kittens will encourage people to adopt animals from shelters,” Clingen told Bored Panda.

Allow me to introduce you to Hema, an extraordinary Pit Bull who was rescued and went on to become a loving mother to 20 foster kittens. Hema’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and the unique bond that can form between different species. When Hema was brought to the rescue shelter, she had already experienced her fair share of hardships. However, her nurturing instinct remained strong, and when a litter of orphaned kittens arrived at the shelter, Hema’s maternal instincts kicked in. Despite being a dog, she embraced her role as a mother without hesitation.

From the moment the kittens were placed in her care, Hema showered them with love and affection. She would cuddle with them, groom them with her gentle tongue, and provide warmth and comfort. The sight of Hema surrounded by her tiny feline companions was truly heartwarming. It was as if she had found her purpose in life—to care for these vulnerable little ones who needed her guidance and love.

As the days turned into weeks, Hema’s bond with the kittens grew stronger. They would play together, explore their surroundings, and learn from each other. Hema’s patience and gentle nature were evident in her interactions with the kittens. She would allow them to climb on her, pounce at her tail, and even share her food. It was a beautiful display of unity and acceptance.

Hema’s incredible story quickly gained attention, capturing the hearts of people worldwide. Her selfless act of motherhood showcased the capacity for love and compassion that exists within all living beings. Hema became an inspiration, reminding us of the importance of empathy and the power of nurturing relationships.


Today, Hema and her foster kittens continue to thrive together, providing each other with endless love and support. Their story serves as a reminder that family goes beyond species, and that true bonds can form in the most unexpected of circumstances. Hema, the rescue Pit Bull turned surrogate mother, has not only changed the lives of the kittens she cared for but has also touched the hearts of countless individuals who have followed their remarkable journey.


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