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The internet fell in love with the “Trueblue Twins” after their mother shared photos of Megan and Morgan Boyd on Instagram. Stephanie Boyd first started posting photos of her twin girls when they were four years old, nicknaming them the “Trueblue Twins”. While most families enjoy sharing photos of their little ones, the twins’ unique beauty caught the attention of over 153,000 Instagram users. Their followers can’t get enough of these two young beauties– take a look at some of their most popular photos

Twin girls Megan and Morgan Boyd were born on June 6, 2011. It was love at first sight for their mother, Stephanie, and she immediately knew that there was something special about her daughters.

The girls were born with beautiful eyes that captivated everyone who stopped to admire them. Stephanie was overjoyed to welcome the girls into the world and knew that she would love being a parent to Megan and Morgan.

It’s common for parents of twins to come up with a nickname to call the two. Sometimes, it’s their last name, followed by “sisters,” “brothers,” or “twins”. But the “Boyd Sisters” just doesn’t give these girls justice. These little girls are certain to have a bright future ahead of them and their mother knew right away that they would become stars.


True blue twins

Stephanie began calling them the “Trueblue Twins” for their unique blue eyes, and the nickname stuck.

Like most new moms, Stephanie enjoys sharing photos of her baby girls on social media for her friends and family to see. She posts photos of the twins on her Facebook and Instagram accounts and her friends and followers are amazed by the beautiful Trueblue Twins.

Megan and Morgan’s striking blue eyes make them easily recognizable and no one could ignore just how special these twins were. The ‘likes’ began flowing in.

It’s common for twins to be dressed in matching outfits, and that’s no different with the Trueblue Twins. Their mother loves shopping for the girls’ outfits and often dresses them in adorable matching clothes.

It’s clear from their popular Instagram photos that their mother Stephanie has an eye for fashion! The twins are always stylish in their matching outfits, yet it’s easy to tell the girls apart since their eyes are different.

Stephanie is a proud parent and always wants her twin daughters looking and feeling good. Each day, she takes the time to carefully select their outfits, style their hair, and add some cute accessories, too.

Even as a busy mom of these young girls, Stephanie finds the time to shop and keep the girls’ wardrobes fresh. With all of the beautiful clothing that the Trueblue Twins have, it’s almost like they’re celebrities!

Because it’s rare for black people to have blue eyes, many people assume that African-American adults with blue eyes are wearing colored contacts. But this is not always the case. Some black people are born with a rare gene that colors their eyes blue.

You can see that the Trueblue Twins’ mother Stephanie also has blue eyes and likely gets questioned whether she’s wearing colored contacts or not… and she isn’t!

It’s evident that both sisters have this rare gene for blue eyes. One of the Trueblue twins also has a genetic condition called heterochromia, which causes the eyes to be two different colors. Morgan is the twin sister with the condition, giving her one blue eye and one brown eye.

The characteristic sets the twin girls apart, making them not 100% identical. Because Morgan has heterochromia, it makes it easier to tell the two apart.

One of the reasons people can’t help but stop and admire the Trueblue Twins is that Morgan’s eye colors are so rare. It’s likely that it’s the first time that many people have seen someone with two differently colored eyes.

Although for some people, heterochromia iridium may be due to an injury, this isn’t the case for Morgan. The condition doesn’t affect her eyesight, it just makes her more unique! According to historians, Alexander the Great also had the condition.


Morgan’s rare condition means that she has a physical trait that sets her apart from other girls. However, in no way is this slowing down her young modeling career! In fact, it’s likely to have helped her acquire new opportunities.

There are many stars who also have heterochromia, including actresses Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, and Alice Eve. Robert Downey Jr., Simon Pegg, and Henry Cavill also carry the rare gene.

Like their blue eyes, the gene for heterochromia iridium runs in the girls’ family. The twins are bi-racial, and the gene is carried through the caucasian side of their family. Morgan’s great aunt and uncle also have different colored eyes, but neither of them are bi-racial like the Trueblue twins.

That makes Morgan’s look even rarer, as the condition is typically seen in people of European descent, with lighter skin.

When the Trueblue Twins’ mother Stephanie shared photos of the girls on her social media, they always received plenty of likes. But, it wasn’t until someone with a large following shared an image of the twins that they became Insta-famous.

Musician and tattoo artist Deyonte Hunter posted a photo of the twins on this Instagram and his followers went crazy! Many of them jumped over to Stephanie’s Instagram to follow her account as the one photo garnered over 2,000 likes in a single day.

After Deyonte Hunter shared a photo of Megan and Morgan, a fan went to Stephanie’s Facebook page and created a video collage of the twins using photos she shared. The girls’ father, Lovell Knight, proudly shared the video.

While he knew fans would enjoy the video, he had no idea that over 6.6 million people would watch it! Almost instantly, the Trueblue Twins became a viral sensation. The proud parents were over the moon, excited for their girls’ future.

Internet users were dazzled by the Trueblue Twins’ beauty, as seen on the video and their mother’s social media accounts. Soon, they attracted the attention of Hollywood, too! Both actress Meagan Good and comedian D.L. Hughley came across a photo of Megan and Morgan and shared it with their followers.

Both of these top celebrities confessed to being fans of the beautiful young girls and wanted to help them gain more exposure to launch their modeling careers.

The Trueblue Twins’ parents were excited that the girls were starting to gain a following and fan base online, but they had always known that they were special. Since the time the twins were born, neighbors and people in their community would stop to admire the two and pay gracious compliments.

The twins weren’t born into stardom by having famous parents, rather they were making a splash just on their beauty alone.

While Stephanie knows that her twin daughters’ natural beauty can lead to professional modeling careers, she doesn’t want to push the girls into something they don’t want to do.


She explained to Megan and Morgan that if they wanted to, they could model and have some photos taken professionally. After hearing out their mom, the Trueblue Twins decided that they wanted to pose for some photos taken by a professional and see where it went.

While their parents adore taking photos of them, it was obvious from when they were toddlers that the Trueblue twins love being in from of the camera. Their aunt, Ebony Morris even says that the twins were “born for this” as they’re such naturals at modeling.

In every photo, the girls have fun posing and trying new faces. And they enjoy their outfits as much as their mother enjoys picking them out.

<img src=”data:;base64,” data-src=”” />As many fathers are, Lovell Knight is very protective of his young girls. After sharing the video that kicked off their modeling careers, he’s both proud and concerned of what would happen next.

Their dad is making sure that the girls’ are enjoying posing for photos but are also getting to just be normal kids. Lovell makes sure that everything they work on is in the best interest of his girls’ future.



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