New York dog walking organization takes the coolest dog selfies. np

Dog owners know that their four-legged friends need to spend a lot of time. But some owners spend most of the day at work and simply physically cannot be with their pet. New Yorkers are lucky because they have a special organization “Saratoga Dog Walkers” that walks dogs. The advantage of this service is that animals are collected in large flocks and this helps them to socialize. Employees maintain a page on Instagram, where they show beautiful photos in which their charges sit still and pose for the camera.


Employees of Saratoga Dog Walkers walk dogs whose owners are at work all day

They teach them how to behave in a pack by taking an average of 10 animals for a walk.

They are distributed according to size and behavior.

Employees of this organization know how to make friends of different breeds and temperaments

Joint photos of their wards can be looked at forever, because each dog poses in its own way

But the main thing is that no one fights, and everyone sits quietly

After such walks, any pet will be a good boy or girl.

Just look at these beauties

The dog-walking organization’s Instagram is constantly updated with new photos of four-legged friends getting together for group shots that can already be called family portraits.


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