One woman sees the beauty in an “ugly” puppy who was stung by thousands of bees and abandoned by his owners. np

Meet Stinger, a deaf-born pit bull mix who was stung by thousands of bees after picking an unfortunate spot on the ground.

The doggie had a very bad reaction to the stings and was immediately taken to the vet. Unfortunately, it was the last time Stinger saw his owners, cause as soon as they dropped him off at the clinic, they abandoned the dog…

This is when Carri Shipaila, founder of LuvnPupz rescue organization, stepped in. She learnt that Stinger was also severely underweight and had scabies, a highly contagious skin disease. Days went by at the LuvnPupz shelter with Stinger being all mellow and in a lot of pain.


It turned out that Stinger also has an auto-immune disease called Pemphigus, and needs daily medication for the rest of his life. However, the puppy didn’t give up: “Stinger is an amazing dog. He loves everyone he meets. He’s the perfect image of how people should see the breed; sweet, funny and full of life,” Shipaila told Bored Panda.

Fortunately, the doggie found a loving forever home.

As the story goes, an unfortunate puppy was stung by thousands of bees, which left him with an “ugly” appearance. To make matters worse, his owners abandoned him due to his newfound appearance. However, one woman saw beyond his superficial flaws and recognized his inner beauty. She took the pup under her wing and provided him with the love and care he needed to heal both physically and emotionally. With time, the pup’s true beauty shone through, and he became a cherished member of his new family. The woman’s act of kindness and compassion serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty that lies within all living creatures, regardless of their outer appearance.


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