Pep Guardiola highlighted Gvardiol’s €90 million investment during his new pre-season media presentation .15

Is Gvardiol ready to launch?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “So, he’s ready to play. So does Nathan Ake.”

Gvardiol officially joined Man City last week, joining from RB Leipzig for 90 million euros (£77.9 million) and signing a five-year contract with the reigning Premier League champions. The Croatian midfielder was not present in the defeat of the English Super Cup on Man City’s penalty spot against Arsenal on August 6.

Coach Pep Guardiola speaks before the opening match of the Premier League

Man City is interested in Paqueta, right?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “I will not answer about Lucas Paqueta because he is now a West Ham player.”

Is Man City ready to enter the new season?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “It looked like everything was ready yesterday but we have to start again. We start from zero and play game by game. It’s too early to think about the championship in August and September. We will go game by game and try to improve day by day.”


Will Man City re-create the “treble” last season?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “I don’t think we can do what we did last season. We climbed the highest mountain last season, but now we’re not there. We started out like the other teams.

Our mentality will determine how the season is. Every season you start from zero. History speaks for itself. We need to try and put on a good performance against Burnley, then Newcastle, and then Sheffield United.”

How do you rate Burnley?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “Usually the first games of the season are very difficult, especially against newly promoted teams. They are full of energy and want to get off to a good start. Vincent Kompany understands us very well. He did an incredible job and destroyed the British First Division. They won consecutively. He will make the managers in the Premier League wary. It’s going to be a tough game.”


Are you worried about the tight schedule?

Coach Pep Guardiola: “Sometimes there are meetings with UEFA and the Premier League BTC. We were there. We are ready to play, but we don’t have enough time. When people say we play in the same conditions as other teams in the Premier League, while we play more games.

We will meet Newcastle next Saturday after meeting Sevilla on Wednesday. We cannot give the players a day off. The decision of UEFA, the decision of FIFA, the decision of the Organizing Committee of the English Premier League, and the European clubs decide. I don’t think anything will change.”

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