Pet Dogs: A Selection of Great Danes. np

To call a dog weighing 80 kilos a cute doggie will not turn your tongue, but exactly until you get to know the Great Dane. This bulk, whose height from the tips of the paws to the shoulders reaches 76 centimeters, is called a large decorative dog, because the four-legged themselves are not at all aware of their “scale”. Not so long ago, the largest dog in the world, the Great Dane Zeus, died, its height was more than a meter – 111 cm! Great Dane owners love their “babies” and often capture how their pets fool around.


#1 Big Louis’ Little Buddy

#2 My dog ​​knows how to take a collective selfie with the owner: you need to gently press against the cheek and expressively look into the phone lens


#3 Mutual Aid Canine: Great Dane Lily is blind, but she has a loyal guide dog, Maddison, who helps her go for walks

#4 Rest with Great Comfort: Take a nap for a minute

#5 Hendrix: only grace and grace

#6 My faithful dog Scooby-Doo

#7 Let’s sit and chat about this and that

#8 What is this pot-bellied little thing??


#9 Ball? No, I haven’t seen

#10 Pippin is a little fawn that was abandoned by his mother. Dogina Katie did not leave the baby in trouble and took care of her

#11 Dogs are a little watery

#12 Lean handsome Dane is 3.5 months old

#13 Hello, I’m a bunny!


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