Pets that are stuck but pretend to be ok. np

If you knew where you would fall, you would spread straws – this is what people say, regretting that it is impossible to always foresee everything one hundred percent. If they knew where they would get stuck, these dogs from the photo selection below would never and never stick their nose, paws and other parts of the body where they should not.


However, dogs have one wonderful feature – not to lose nobility and dignity in any situation. Even if something went wrong, they will maintain equanimity and self-control until the end, as if everything is going strictly according to plan.

“Who didn’t take the barrier? I’m just resting!”


“What? Or maybe I like to look out of the bushes?!”

“I was sucked opa-a-a-a-asnaya shake-and-and-on …”

“No, it’s not a trash can lid. Yes, it’s almost a knight’s helmet. Almost”

“And how do they sit on them?”

An unexpected ambush

“Hammock, hammock! No fun!”

Eagerness is sometimes fraught with …

“Nope, I’m not stuck, I just don’t want to get my paws dirty”


“I just wanted to warm up a little”

“Nothing funny!”

“Oh, it’s okay, I just like standing here”

“Is my cap cool? How is that not a cap?

surprise attack

“These are your wrong sandwiches for me!”


“I’m not stuck, I’m just checking if the mesh is intact!”

“As I want, I sunbathe!”


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