Photos of dogs before and after they found a new home with loving owners. np

Dogs can only be dangerous when they see one cruelty and nothing else. Indeed, in the life of some pets there are too many trials: hunger, cold, human betrayal and human cruelty. From all this, the character of the dog can deteriorate, but sometimes a drop of warmth, care and love from the owners is enough and everything changes! Embittered homeless pets turn into the cutest and nicest animals.


After the rescue, when she was a year and a half and six years later.

Love and patience changes everything.

She was thrown into the cemetery, and the second photo is a couple of months later, when she found a home.

When I got to the kennel and a year later, when we became best friends.

The owners kept this dog on a leash in a barn. Other people found him and took him away. The difference is obvious.

A family from Korea rescued a dog from a breeding farm. When she weighed 7 kg and after her weight became 27 kg.

Three years later, as our favorite found her home.

This dog was rescued from euthanasia and how he has changed in a year of living with new owners.

Care, love and time pay off.

Meet Anna. She lived on the streets of Italy until her mother took her to Germany to our home.

I work in a shelter and sometimes real miracles happen there.

At first his life was one continuous dog fights, and after that he became mine.

The previous owners did not allow him to enter the house and did not buy him toys. After a year of living with me, he turned into a happy dog.


Little Lucy a year after she found her home.

This dog was deaf and lived on the streets of San Antonio. It’s only been 3 months and this is how it looks now.


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