Photos of dogs that did not behave very smart. But for some reason you love them only more. np

Every dog ​​is devoted to its human. In it you can find a best friend, protection, support and someone who can cheer you up. After all, sometimes dogs behave like fools! Their funny and foolish actions only cause a smile and laughter from the owners. We want to show you photos of four-legged animals that didn’t act very smart.


So sometimes a family photo session can take place.

And what? Comfortable!

The picture fully conveyed the charisma and character of the pet.

If there is a stick, then the eyes are not needed.

We’re a little stuck here.

The facial expression says he doesn’t like the new collar tag (it says “I love mommy”).


The perfect way to relax and not think about anything.

When water got into the ear.

The chair is perfect for my height.

Dog version: “Natasha, get up! Natasha, we dropped everything! Natasha, we want to go for a walk!

Hollywood smile.

It is more convenient for my dog ​​to carry the ball when we play.

So sleep better.

Special place for dog paws.

I want to be the sun!

Here is the harvest this fall.

She likes to sit by the window, wrapped in a blanket.

Why don’t you pay attention to me?


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