Photos that perfectly convey the state of happiness of animals that were taken from the shelter. np

You don’t have to have superpowers or wear a cape to be a hero. You just need to do good deeds and help others, for example, adopt an animal from a shelter, and not buy a puppy or kitten from a breeder. So you help the animal and do good for the shelter, because it will free up space for another homeless pet who needs help. And you will become the owner of the most devoted “mur” or “woof”, whose look will speak of his gratitude and love a million times better than any words.


When we first met, he immediately climbed into my lap, and I realized that I fell in love.

I came to the shelter for a dog, but this little guy got on my back and I couldn’t resist.

New house, first photo.

He starts a new happy life.

When we got this cat, he was as small as in the photo on the back.

The first day with a new mistress, and the shelter behind.

I chose this dog for the saddest face. Now he looks different.

My lucky boyfriend and our new pet.

We are going home from the shelter.

Found him on the street. I do not know his age, skills, but I know that he loves people.

Relaxes on the first day in a new home after a shelter.

This is how he slept at home when we took him from the shelter.

We arrived home after the shelter and he wanted to sleep.


Love at first sight.

They met for the first time.

She is very comfortable in her new place.

Everyone is happy that they now have it.

She chose this place as soon as we met.


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