Puppy Melts Hearts By Dozing Off During Swearing-In Ceremony. Ndl

Around 30,000 years ago, someone made the best decision for humanity and decided to domesticate dogs. Thanks to them, now we have adorable companions who make our lives better even when they cause mischief. Not only do dogs make us happier, but they also train to aid humans in various fields, for example, law enforcement. It is a job that requires rigorous training. This police puppy showed just how tired he is by falling asleep during his ceremony and melted everyone’s hearts.

This adorable puppy named Bear struggled to stay awake during his official swearing in ceremony


Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado welcomed the newest members of their team who will definitely win the hearts of everyone who will meet them. With furry coats and puppy eyes (literally), K9 Otis and K9 Bear are ready to report for their duty as therapy dogs. They will be visiting local schools, bringing comfort and bright smiles to the children.

Such a serious job requires a serious swearing in ceremony. Donning their official vests and badges, the puppies posed for official portraits that turned out very cute. However, too much excitement took its toll and Bear started dozing off. He’s just a baby!

Otis picked up the slack and showed enough enthusiasm for both of them. Like a true officer, he raised his paw while solemnly listening to the official oath. Otis is most certainly ready for the challenges of the new job and we’re sure he will succeed.

Eventually, Bear perked up and decided to have a puppy play-fight to the delight and joys of the attendees.

Let’s not judge baby Bear for his sleepiness; we’ve all had those days when we feel our bed calling us to come back and sleep the day away. His calmer demeanor might be exactly what some children need in times of distress: a gentle companion to hold and to tell all their secrets to.


Otis, on the other paw, will be able to pull children into playful games and help them to forget all their worries.

Being a service dog is a ruff task and requires a lot of training

These adorable puppies have a long training ahead of them: not only will they have to learn not to fall asleep during important events, but they will be learning how to support children during stressful times. Petting dogs lowers cortisol levels, a stress hormone, and Bear and Otis are ready for petting duty!

K9 dogs are carefully selected – not every cutie can take on such a responsibility. Luckily, K9 Otis and K9 Bear have perfect temperaments for this job. Just looking at them makes us smile, so we’re sure they will bring positivity wherever they go.

It is amazing to see that law enforcement recognizes how crucial therapy animals are in providing comfort to people.

K9 puppies begin their training – and wearing big dog vests – at around 8 weeks. Tough babies!

Childhood is usually the best time of a person’s life, filled with joy and exploration. Unfortunately, there are very scary things in the world that might harm children. In an ideal world, every kid would be protected and safe.


How children deal with trauma will have a major impact on their further lives. Creating a safe environment to deal with what they went through is crucial. That’s where therapy dogs come in.

It is scary to talk about bad things that happened to them. Dogs feel uneasiness and calm the children by putting their heads on their laps or offering a comforting nudge.

A journey towards healing is better with a help from a four-legged friend.


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