Rebirth from Isolation: The Heartwarming Tale of a Fragile Pup Finding Sanctuary in an Unforeseen Haven. np

Picasso, a five-year-old dog, entered the world with a unique jagged nose, while his one-year-old best friend, Amphibian, faced a tragic start, being mauled by his own mother and born without an upper jaw.

Their extraordinary connection, shaped by their shared struggles, has been unveiled by Liesl Wilhardt, a 53-year-old dedicated to their well-being as the founder and caretaker of the organization. Both dogs, despite their significant facial deformities, now thrive on a sprawling 55-acre sanctuary nestled in Oregon, USA.


Picasso’s journey into Liesl’s care began in 2017, following the passing of his sibling. Amphibian, a companion for Picasso, joined the duo in 2021, further solidifying their unbreakable bond.

Amphibian, now five years old, was left without an upper jaw after a fateful encounter with his mother. Picasso’s unique appearance, with his jagged nose, sets him apart as well. However, their daily struggles and medical challenges do not hinder their happiness; instead, they embrace life to the fullest.


Their shared experiences come to life through heartwarming videos capturing their everyday activities, including playtime, leisurely strolls, and their shared love for berries.

Liesl reflects on Picasso’s miraculous survival, stating, “He would have struggled even more to nurse from his mother during those critical early days.” Amphibian, also known as Newt, has encountered numerous hurdles, not all related to his jaw deformity.

Intriguingly, both Picasso and Amphibian adore human interaction, showcasing their outgoing nature, seeking attention, and cherishing companionship. The sight of them often prompts double takes from onlookers, capturing the essence of their uniqueness.

Undeterred by their physical limitations, both dogs have embraced life without pain, achieving remarkable feats in their own right. Picasso’s affinity for Newt has been unwavering since their first meeting, evolving into a deeper bond as Newt grows older.


As Liesl reflects, “Picasso and Newt exude affection, happiness, wit, and entertainment. I truly cherish both of them.”


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